Health is clearly a huge topic of conversation today. It should be… not just because of Covid, but because each of us has only one body, and keeping ourselves healthy is a priority. We invite you to look at the two amazing products below.

The Healy is an FDA Cleared wearable device that corrects health issues using frequencies.
The Vollara is NASA technology that destroys Covid (and any other virus) in your home or office.


A Breakthrough Medical Technology


The Wearable for Health · Wellbeing · Balance

Although Healy is small, light and inexpensive, it has a lot to offer: It can harmonize your Bioenergetic Field to help balance your mind and body and improve your quality of life, and it can also give you an analysis of your energetic state and help you find ways to improve it.

Healy is an ingenious invention that will provide you with support for your holistic health, your wellbeing, your family and yet it is easy to use. To give you an overview of what Healy can do for you, and to make sure that you only buy what you really need, we have put together the Healy IMF program pages and modules in the form of different editions, so you can choose the best one for you.