The Ministry

What is The Sealed Book?

Scholars, ministers, and others throughout history have wondered about The Sealed Book spoken of in Daniel 12. What is it? Where is it? When will it be opened?

In truth, you probably own one… maybe several. The Sealed Book is the Bible – Living and active! This ministry started as a private Facebook group and grew quickly to twenty-one thousand people worldwide in over 40 countries, in just a few months.

The Sealed Book is a ministry of
Amy Sever International

Abolish Slavery

OUR MISSION – Amy Sever International was formed to spread the message concerning the desperate need of After Care for sex-trafficked victims who are being rescued. After Care can be a strenuous and difficult process. ASI will first supply clothing… The clothing they are given is the door to ministry. 

OUR VISION – begins with supplying new, free wardrobes to sex-trafficked victims through our partner companies.  Each piece of clothing has the iconic “AS” Amulet sewn into it, along with a label of explanation, as a worldwide recognized symbol of the Grace of God. 

Amy Sever has been in deliverance ministry for 25 years. A very key ingredient in After Care involves restorative ministry. Amy’s book, “The Three Rs – Renewing the Spirit, Restoring the Soul, and Reconstructing the Body” (see below),  deals – in part – with the specific Biblical process for restoring the soul. A person’s soul becomes splintered when they have multiple sex partners outside of the union of a husband and a wife. Splintered personalities are not psychological, as science and medicine would have us believe… It is something that can only be solved spiritually. God has much to say about it… and Amy Sever has much experience with it.

FUNDING – will come from individuals and companies that have the same heart for our Mission and Vision. Also from our store at under the “Shop” menu on this site. Everything there has the “AS” logo, that is meant to create conversation… When someone asks you about our logo on your clothing or jewelry you can tell them about Amy Sever International and send them to


“The Three Rs”

by Amy Sever

“In the Winter of 2013/14, I spent 12 weeks writing a book that had been formulating in my life for 12 years. “The Three Rs” is something that could never be taught in church or Sunday school… it’s just too edgy for the religious spirits. “Renewing the Spirit, Restoring the Soul, Reconstructing the Body” contains the KEYS to YOUR RESTORATION, because…

~ It contains the KEYS to my journey from suicidal, depressed and overweight, to 1st Place in the North American Nova, and 2nd in the World Galaxy Competition.

~ It contains the KEYS to overcoming multiple rapes, and creating a ministry to help others do the same. KEYS that don’t just mask the pain… KEYS that Restore YOU!

These are KEYS that I own… And I want to give them to you!”
~ Amy Sever