This page is for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Our reminder is the same as Jesus’ reminder – to love one another with unending love. We should not let the media/government control us by inciting division and hatred. The eternal truths are clear…

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper” ~ Isaiah 54:17
“If they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” ~ Mark 16:18

We want everyone to make an informed decision about the covid vaccines.
Most people being vaccinated have not studied the vaccines, and are in fear.
They have been talked into it by peers, media, their work, or the government.
They cannot be faulted for that.
Most people turning them down, also haven’t studied them, and are also in fear.
They cannot be faulted for that.

We say your answer to the above, doesn’t matter…
If you are in Christ Jesus, there is nothing more powerful in the universe than His Blood. Stand on that Truth.

In the videos below, you will hear a LOT of vetted truth about the virus and the vaccines from scientists and medical professionals whose credibility cannot be questioned. We ask you to please overlook how hard so many of them are trying to “Sound the Alarm!” Please learn the information, and throw out the “alarm”. The information is true and valuable.

And again… Approach everyone in love regardless of their belief.
And thank God for these workers!

We Salute All Those Who
Answered The Call Worldwide!

The Videos Below Are Undeniably Factual

We actually won’t have a vaccine or virus conversation with anyone who has not watched all of them. We strongly recommend you take the same approach with people. After that, you can have an educated discussion.

Came from a guest on The Nicholas Veniamin Show. Truly inciteful. This is advice every person on both sides of the virus/vaccine issue should follow.
( 5 minutes )

HISTORY can give us powerful insight into today. Did you know John D. Rockefeller set the western world on it’s current path regarding the business of medicine? He’s known as the Father of the Pharmaceutical industry.
It’s still all about business today.
( 2 minutes )

PATENTING a virus is supposed to be illegal. So, how is it being done? And if there is a patent on the Coronavirus… wouldn’t that mean someone is profiting from the spread of it? This video will show you the money trail.
( 10 minutes )

THE PCR TEST is the basis for every Covid diagnosis. PCR inventor, Dr. Mullis explains how the Polymerase Chain Reaction test can be manipulated. He also explains his relationship with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Once you see this, you should definitely watch the “Plandemic Movie” at the bottom.
( 4 minutes )

25 TO 50 DEATHS will cause a vaccine program to be shut down. Yet, the reported deaths from the Covid vaccines are beginning to out-pace the deaths from the virus itself.
Dr. Peter McCullough explains. He’s the Vice Chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University in Dallas, Texas.
( 4 Minutes )

PATHOLOGISTS have another interesting viewpoint concerning the vaccines and virus.
Dr. Ryan Cole MD is with America’s Frontline Doctors. This is part of his talk at the recent White Coat Summit.
( 17 minutes )

THE CDC has recently updated their Covid death toll numbers. This comes as a result of growing pressure from within the medical community.
Watching the above video with Dr. Kary Mullis, makes it clear how easily these numbers have been manipulated.
( 3 minutes )

THE CDC & FDA have now issued a Black Box Warning concerning these vaccines.
This is one of three videos on this page from the Stew Peters Show –
Stew is factual, well-researched, and a trusted source in today’s untrustworthy news world.
( 13 minutes )

WHAT are these vaccines doing to your blood? The proof is under the microscope. Stew Peters hears from Dr. Jane Ruby concerning the contents of these vaccines, and proof of their effect on your blood.
( 11 minutes )

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE not available for some reason? Don’t worry… You can still treat covid within the first few days, and knock it completely out of your system within a week.
Listen as Dr. Vladimir Zelenko explains the over-the-counter method he uses with his New York patients. This is a GREAT interview.
( 39 minutes )

LEGAL REMEDIES are difficult to come by because the pharmaceutical industry is well insulated. But there is legal action being taken on your behalf. And it’s pretty powerful.
( 5 minutes )

AND WE KNOW is a extremely trusted, Christian-based news source. General Michael Flynn tells us the only place we can get truth in news is from an army of digital soldiers. Not all are trustworthy. This one is. And while LT gathers ALL the news of the day… This montage is just about the vaccine. Go to
( 22 minutes )

HIJACKING YOUR DNA is the MOST important video on this page.
This is the Spiritual Truth about what is happening with the vaccines. Amy Sever has a series on this site called “Your DNA: The Battle of the Cosmos”. Her series confirms the truth in this video.
( 13 minutes )

POP YOUR POPCORN and settle in. This DocuMovie exposes the undeniable truth about the great lengths Dr Anthony Fauci, and many others world wide, have gone to in order to deceive the public. The bottom line – if you haven’t already figured it out – this “pandemic” has been planned for years.
( 25 minutes )

Good News: There Are Solutions!

Follow the link below for a Nutrition Protocol To Deactivate & Neutralize Graphene Oxide. As we’ve learned, Graphene Oxide is the ingredient in the vaccines that is ultimately responsible for SO MUCH damage… Myocarditis, Blood Clots, Stroke, Heart Attack, Sterility in Men & Women, Miscarriages, and even Death. If you have taken the vaccine, follow this protocol to the letter.